"It had to happen eventually. If you destroy your dads turntable at the age of 4, a life filled with music is inevitable"



Starting his career at several illegal radiostations at a very young age. Radio runs through his veins since he was 9 years old..  

Nowadays Dennis brings electronic music to the masses with his weekly ‘Dance Department’ show at Radio538, and online at Mixcloud with the weekly Dance Department podcast. 

Accompanying music lovers on millions of mobile devices worldwide for the past ten years. Dennis his music selection is a favourite amongst many music lovers around the globe. This has been rewarded by his audience.

'Dance Department was voted 'Best podcast of the World' at WMC in Miami, and voted best podcast at the European Podcast Awards for best dance-music show in the Netherlands.

The Dutch voice of electronic music is syndicated on radiostations throughout the world. Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Greece & even on the tropical island of Curacao. 

Dennis is also a household name in the field of his other passion : voice acting. A voice-over artist for many movietrailers, music and festival commercials for online, as well Dutch tv & radio.

With production partner PrinsJan, Dennis releases music on recordlabels such as 90watts records, Manual Music, Satellite Empire and Blackhole and This is Recordings. 

For the past several years, Dennis Ruyer played at leading clubs and events in Europe, including Sander Kleinenberg's 'This is..' events, Time Warp Holland, and summer festivals 'A day at the park', Welcome to the Future, Obsession Outdoor, Indian Summer, Outdoor Stereo, Lief Festival, Dance Valley and the leading festival in Romania 'Liberty Parade'.

“One thing that makes me feel blessed and thankful, is to share my love and passion for music with other people.. Wether it’s on the radio or in a live situation.. I am living my dharma.. ☺ "